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NPS House System

At Newport Primary School, we have a “House” system. This grouping process builds unity and promotes a sense of belonging, and if you’ve ever read or seen (or heard about) the Harry Potter series, you’re probably already familiar with it!

Each [K-2nd] student and staff member is randomly assigned to one of six houses. Throughout the school year, students participate in activities and friendly competitions to engage with their house members and build relationships outside of their classroom community! A student’s house never changes.

Picture of ALTRUISMO House Banner

Altruismo (Spanish) – Giver

House Color: Green

Picture of ISIBINDI House Banner

Isibindi (African) – Courage

House Color: Purple

Picture of SU TU TIN House Banner

Su Tu Tin (Vietnamese) – Confidence

House Color: Orange

Picture of AMISTAD House Banner

Amistad (Spanish) – Friendship

House Color: Yellow

Picture of EQUILIBRIO House Banner

Equilibrio (Italian) – Balance

House Color: Maroon

Picture of REVEUR House Banner

Reveur (French) – Dreamer

House Color: Blue